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Siddhartha's Life


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The virtual exhibit that our group put together is about Siddhartha's life and includes images that represent important milestones in his life. Siddhartha’s life was filled with many important aspects. Our group chose to focus on four main parts in this exhibit.These four parts include Siddhartha’s birth, his discovery of the four sights, the enlightenment of Siddhartha, and lastly the death of Siddhartha. Each of the four parts of Siddhartha's life that we chose are picked because those are the most important events in his life and are the most influential. Starting with Siddhartha's birth, one could say he did not have the most normal birth of all, there were multiple spiritual aspects to his birth that raise many interesting questions. Siddhartha also had a very interesting mid-life before his enlightenment because he went from a prince who did not know anything about the world outside of his palace to discovering death, sickness, old age, and a monk that left behind everything. He realized that these four subjects are truly expressive of the world and are descriptive of the process that we all go through in life. He decided to set out to become enlightened like the monk, and fix the suffering in the world. After that comes Siddhartha's enlightenment, and eventually he becomes the Buddha. The final important part of his life is his death and how people reacted to his death. There are many theories behind his death and weather he ended his life on purpose or not. All in all, Siddhartha’s life is a very interesting topic and this exhibit splits his life up into the four major parts. All the images in the exhibit are under the CC domain and express Siddhartha's life in many different forms of art.


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Buddhism: REL 222, Arts of Asia: ART 276


Dec. 9th-Dec.10th, 2015


Keeley Eames, Aafreen Vohra, William Rathjen, Jessica Davis


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Collection Items

Four Heavenly Messengers
This image depicts Prince Siddhartha when he leaves his palace and sees the four sights. This is a significant part of his life because when he was born, it was predicted that after he saw the four sights, he would become the Buddha. The four sights…

This statue is an Indian piece called “Birth” and is in Shanti Stupa, Leh, India. The date that this piece was created is unknown. This image depicts the birth of Siddhartha. At the top right corner is Siddhartha’s mother, standing with one arm up…

Death of the Buddha (Parinirvana)
When the Buddha was eighty, he died near the city of Kushinagara, breaking free of the cycle of rebirth and reaching nirvana. This panel, which would have been set into the harmika at the top of a stupa (relic mound), shows the Buddha surrounded by…

The Predictions of the Brahmins

This image is a painting on a large folding scroll depicting the story of the birth of Siddhartha. It is of Burmese origin and was created around 1853-1885. There are three space cells within the image, each containing a different part of the…

Gandhara Lintel Frieze
This Lintel Frieze shows The Buddha after his death. The Buddha is surrounded by six others. These people surrounding him are most likely some of his disciples. While a person would guess that the disciples should be mourning after the death of…

Xa Loi Pagoda Old Man
This image is of a panel in the ceremonial hall in Xa Loi Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh City. It depicts Prince Siddhartha as he sees his first sight after leaving the palace, the old man. In the drawing, you can see that Prince Siddhartha is being drawn by a…

Buddha and his Disciples
This is a painting that was done by an unknown Thai artist in 1998. The painting features Siddhartha, in the middle, after reaching enlightenment in the deer park in Sarnath, India. He is shown teaching five monks, who are located in the foreground…

Siddhartha&#039;s battle with Mara
This is a painted mural that can be found in Thailand about Siddhartha's battle with Mara. The story goes that while Siddhartha or Buddha Gautama was meditating trying to reach enlightenment, he was assaulted under the bodhi tree by the demon named…
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